“As a Mentor and a Coach, I will help you to go,
professionally, where you deserve to be.”

Coaching & Mentoring HR Professionals J&G process



Soft skills/ competencies level1/2/3 depending on the responsibility Technical skills
Achievement orientation Staffing/ sourcing
Creative thinking Training skills
Customer service orientation Consulting
Analytical and learning capability HR systems
Interpersonal understanding Personnel administration
Teamwork and cooperation Compensation and benefits
Integrity Organizational development
Communication and influence Business knowledge
Vision and strategy HR needs in line with business cycles
Coaching and leading others




Coaching HR professionals or HR teams 1⁄2 day  including feedback, potential assessment and building an action plan.
6 contacts, one hour each, every month.

Final debriefing and evaluation, 2 hours.

12 hours.
Plus 4 hours preparation.
16 hours @ a hourly rate to be agreed.