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professionally, where you deserve to be.”

Managing your Manager


•To use the author’s  experiences to identify the boss archetypes, describe their strengths and weaknesses and suggest the most effective ways to work with them.

• 7 different types

• A questionnaire

• A grid analysis


• aggressive Bully,

• calm Good,

• mysterious Kaleidoscope

• energetic Star

• highly logical Scientist

• selfish Navel

• … 7th Leader

won’t be anymore enigmatic.


In the best of environments, bosses can be challenging to deal with.  In the worst of environments, they can be more than challenging – frustrating, perplexing, aggravating and impossible. Yet they can be managed.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned working for and observing many different bosses, it is that the right approach usually pays off in much more positive, productive relationships.  “Right approach” are the key words.  Your approach must be researched, planned and executed properly.  Most important of all, you must know  your market.  In this instance, knowing your market translates into understanding your boss type.

You  will learn:

• to tell the traits: who is my Boss.

• to build an interpersonal tactic and…

• a professional tactic to use with him.

• the dont’s which will make the tactic useless

  and … the secret strategy.