“As a Mentor and a Coach, I will help you to go,
professionally, where you deserve to be.”

Coaching and Mentoring Business Leaders, J&G process


Questions to answer

What drives me:

  • What are your internal motivations?
  • What values are not negotiable?
  • How themes run through all the important elements of your life?
  • How can you articulate your essential drivers and use them as a guide?
  • What is your Signature, your Motto, your Brand?

My Career aspirations ?

  • How do I view my career to date?
  • What type of career opportunities would I like to be considered for?
  • Why do I perceive my career aspirations in the direction described above?
  •  In my opinion, which are the performance criteria and achievements to date that best qualify me for my desired career continuation?
  • Which areas of improvement do I believe I should focus on to be better qualify for my desired career continuation?
  •  Do I feel my current role could provide me with greater challenge and fulfillment, and if so, how?
  •  How do I view my geographical mobility?



Select one or more triangles and make them stronger to find a better balance, your personal drive and balance



The purpose of this form is to summarize the last Mentoring conversation and to formalize step by step an action plan based on a clear and SMART objective (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound.)


Summary :
Challenges: Opportunities:
Professional Strengths: Development areas:
Next steps:
Assignment objective: Measurement: decision taken.
Additional comments: the summary may have to be “fine tune”.
Executive Coaching 3 phases 1.1⁄2 day  feedback and potential assessment and action plan.2.6 contacts, one hour every other month.

3.Final debriefing and evaluation, 2 hours.

12 hours.
Plus 4 hours preparation.
16 hours @ an hourly rate to be agreed.