“As a Mentor and a Coach, I will help you to go,
professionally, where you deserve to be.”

Manager AND a Coach: Coaching J&G process


Traditional Manager Manager as Coach
Belief about my role -Power comes with the job-More seniority means more stress.

-Decisiveness is  important.

-I protect my staff by telling them what to do.

-I add value by giving direction

-I have to earn authority-Sharing responsibility reduces stress.

-My staff is intrinsically resourceful.

-I encourage prudent risk-taking.

-I add value by developing my people.

I am good at -Giving instruction.-Clarifying and analyzing problem.

-Offering people my solution.

-Creating momentum and urgency.

-Listening without judging too soon.-Facilitating other ‘s people thinking.

-Challenging people’s self-imposed barriers.

-Offering feedback.

-Holding people accountable for jointly made decision.

I dread -My staff getting something wrong.Expressing uncertainty.

-Admitting mistakes.

-Avoiding opportunity for feedback.-Undermining my staff by doing their thinking for them.

-Showing off how experience I am.

Enjoyment in my role comes from. -Pleasure in my status. -Seeing my staff develop.


MANAGER AND A COACH Starting with 1⁄2 day assessing potential based mainly on  feedback and building an action plan.Then 6 contacts, one hour each, one per month.

Final debriefing and evaluation, 2 hours.

12 hours.
Plus 4 hours preparation.
16 hours @ an hourly rate to be agreed.