“As a Mentor and a Coach, I will help you to go,
professionally, where you deserve to be.”

Our Offer

Gonzague Dufour Consulting brings 30 years of international experience in the areas of People assessment, Selection and Development. Using different methods and tools adapted to different learning styles, needs or goals such as Lominger/ Korn, Ferry, MBTI, CTI and CCCP training and Situational Leadership.

Gonzague Dufour Consulting is also built on a solid networks of highly qualified professionals and for example: Switzerland, Australia, UK, Austria, Poland, China, Argentina, Central America…
Gonzague Dufour Consulting has a passion for the Development of Business Leaders and HR professionals in their quest for a strong impact on Business which ever will be the Country or Company culture.

  • Coaching, Mentoring Business Leaders to FULLY develop and use their potential to increase their impact on the business, (especially HR professionals).
  • Redesign and motivate HR organization to make it strongly aligned to business needs and expectations.
  • One day training articulated around “Managing your Manager” helping newcomers to better understand their Boss, learn from them and help them.
  • Next Level Coaching: help confirmed Leaders to design a personal strategy around the question “ how to take the crucial, next step in my career”.
  • One hour lecture around “Managing your Manager” especially for Senior students before they join the “Corporate world” and the Leadership styles they will be exposed to. (Coaching sessions can be live, on line, with Skype and in English or French.)

Gonzague Dufour Consulting rely on Gonzague Dufour’s experience and expertise as well as well a large and international network of great professionals from France, Switzerland, England, USA, Latin America and Asia.