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13/08/2015 by gdufourconsulting

One attitude the six different leaders have in common and every leader should possess, is the capacity to “Deal with frustration.”  With each style they say quite often ” Tomorrow will be an other day.”  Big or small crisis, criticism, falling short on objectives, issues with the Boss; none of this has ever stopped these leaders, especially The Good.


Sometimes we feel lonely, facing a storm of challenges, fighting for our values without any support, help, empathy; that’s a good reason to ask everyday “Why,” if we have the answer we will make it.

Today, being the coldest day of the year in New York City, I leave you with a sunny image of the Empire State Building.  On close inspection, it’s not just a picture of the building, but an illusion, a Chinese shadow.  Behind the blinds you can see the sun, the Empire State Building, and a golden river.  Are they real?   My advice to you is to find out.   Never take things for granted, analyze, learn your product inside and out.


Pine trees: tall , majestic , solid trees, under which nothing can grow.   They provide a broad all-encompassing shadow.  Sometimes, one must realize there are Leaders under whom you cannot grow.

It was an amazing wedding under the “oldest” oak-tree in America, the bride is in a wheel chair, and three young kids are running toward the bride.  Agility Solidity and Limitation.  But Serenity? Well…You cannot change everything


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